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we are live in san francisco where firefighters battle a junk yard fire. we will tell you why police are here. activity starting to pick up at san francisco international airport. overnight tragedy how a lost cat played a role in a man's death. it happened hours ago a terrorist attack in tel aviv. it may be tied to the crisis in the middle east. ktvu channel 2 morning news
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continues. and good morning, to you. it is wednesday, november 21st i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. let's go to steve. we had the rain but you are also talking about fog. >> that will be tonight and tomorrow. that is not coast fog. that will be the inland fog. we do have rain going through right now. it looks like it's ending parts of the peninsula and northbound. really mild system. temperatures are in the 50s but you can see there is a line. it looks like a lot of that will be ending. we'll talk more about this in five minutes. on the sunol grade southbound 680 very slow because of a crash northbound 680 at washington the crash is on the other side of the road. but people are really taking a look at it you can see how slow it is there on 680 southbound. not good driving. usually it's light here at this time. if you drive this right now, you will see a lot of slow traffic. you need to leave the house
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earlier. also the morning commute on the east shore freeway westbound is getting busier driving toward the mccarthur maze. let's go back to the desk. and we have developing news for you out of san francisco. right now crew roberts scene of a fire in the bay view district. tara moriarty joins us live from the scene with the latest tara. >> reporter: we are here at the corner of hamas and ingalls. you got this around 5:00 if >> yeah around 4:30, 5:00 this morning. first units on the scene encountered a little fire coming from this carport. it was held to a first alarm. what you see there appears to be some type of workshop. a couple cars were involved. we were able to make a quick knock down of the fire. right now the cause is not determined at this time. arson will respond and we will get a declaration of the origin. >> reporter: at this point you
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can't tell if it was suspicious. >> i wouldn't say suspicious. i would say a pork spot. >> reporter: a lot of time there is are different things that can come bust. >> yes. but we will leave this undetermined until arson comes out. >> reporter: all right and what time will they be coming out here and will this be an investigation will it start pretty much in the morning when they can get a better view of everything? >> arson will be enroute. not exactly sure the arrival time. it could be anywhere from 5-10 minutes. they are on call 24 hours just like we are. >> reporter: crew wrapping up. it looks like this fire is out and in control. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty. ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. time now 6:03. we have rain this morning and a lot of wet roads. you know that. it rained hard and steady all night long. causing a big mess out there on the roads.
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a lot of spinouts. a lot of fender benders reported. and drivers many were just forced to drive slow just to keep their cars from losing control. of course there is also one of the busiest travel days of the year at bay area airports. ktvu christien kafton is at live at sfo. he's been out there since 4:30. is the weather effecting flights right now christien? >> reporter: so far we haven't seen a lot of delays, dave. take a look. the wet roads you were talking about you can see them here at sfo too. take a look. this is a marked difference. you can see a lot of activity now building up here at the airport. it was raining up until about 5:00 or so and it didn't seem to slow down folks that were arriving here. travelers not looking forward to seeing the rain. travelers this morning we talked to say so far so good. >> i'm a little bit worried but now as you mention it i wasn't that worry preponderance so far
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so good. >> reporter: now the different story last night into early this morning ktvu cameras were there as they delayed passengers collected their luggage early this morning after major delays. at least 81 flights were canceled yesterday due to the rain. the low cloud cover forced them to shut down one of the runways and alter flight patterns. they restricted the number of landings of 27 per hour as opposed to the usual 90 flights that can land here for an hour. that meant some travelers were faced with major delays. three, four, we met with some passengers who had up to seven hour delays. >> it's one of those things it happens. bad luck i guess. >> reporter: again that live look. it would make sense if you are traveling to make sure you have a little extra time because clearly the airports around the bay area will be very busy today. we were inside a couple minutes ago to make sure there were any
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delays. the only real delays we mentioned were flights out to fort lauderdale and boston. really so far minor delays. keep in mind it's early in the day and over the course of the day the delays tend to stack up. right now things are looking good. hopefully it stays that way for this day before thanksgiving. we will continue to monitor the situation here and give you updates about how the weather could impact your holiday travel. for now we are live at sfo christien kafton. we are also tracking the thanksgiving travel rush in the south bay as well. these are live pictures right on the sidewalk outside of mineta san jose airport. they are pretty busy too. we will bring you a live report from there coming up at 6:30. now to get all of your up to the date travel information including what is happening and the conditions on the roads stay right here with us throughout mornings on 2. we'll also bring you more information on ktvu news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight.
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an oakland man apparently fell to his death in a quarry. around 7:00 last night firefighters were called to the person's home on the 400 lock of month golly street -- montgomery street. he was looking for his cat but likely lost footing and fell about 100 feet into an old water filled quarry. his roommate had been looking for him and only found the victims flashlight. a ktvu news crew stayed until recovery crews pulled up his body around 1:00 this morning. >> our searchers are nor fallly done in very black water so we can't see what we're searching for. it's all done in complete blackout circumstances. the bottom terrain was very rough. there were a lot of ravines. >> the victim's identity has not been released. authorities are investigating his death but do not think it's suspicious. a bomb just exploded on a city bus in tel aviv. as that fighting still goes on.
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the bus was passing military headquarters building when the bomb went off. at least ten people were hurt 37 we are getting reports a man carried the package on to the bus and it blew up after he got off the bus. secretary of state hillary clinton is meting with all sides of the conflict in the middle east. trying to work out a cease fire. this is video secretary clinton top. what are the chances for a negotiated end to all of the fight something later today one of the suspects in a violent stream of crimes will face the junk for the first time. jonathan wilbanks faces murder, attempted more, and robbery. the two were caught on surveillance video at the 7- eleven where a man was shot and killed by the suspect a $20,000
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reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the second man who is still on the loose. law enforcement agencies are warning bay area drivers to obey the rules of the road. the traditional holiday dui crack down starts at 6:00 tonight and it will run until 6:00 monday morning. nearly 40% of all fatal collisions involve an impaired driver and the chp is going to be under what they call maximum enforcement. time is 6:08. you have to drive slow. it is wet, rainy, it's dangerous driving. >> it is dangerous driving out there. one of the things we are cautioning you is that you will see standing water. do your best not to drive into its. i know you don't realize it but sometimes you can't see it and do any way. that is what happens if you drive into standing water a lot of times you will lose control of the car unless you are driving very slowly and carefully and even then it's a challenge. let's take a look at what we have the bay bridge. wet weather here. doesn't appear to be raining there right now. but certainly the roads are
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wet. getting into san francisco. we already have a crowd here. as we look at the chp list we've had a lot more crashes than we normally do. most of them are single vehicle type things where someone will spin out and end up on a guardrail. let's move along and take a look at 880 north and southbound. the traffic is move along pretty well. have a new accident reported on 237. i'm going to talk about this crash in a minute. eastbound 580 they are still clearing an accident there. have a brand new accident that just came up here 237 at 101. also another crash 237 at the lawrence expressway. and also a crash east 80 at georgia street in vallejo. the crashes they keep coming in. please be careful out there. let's go to steve. our system not bad. it was a little stronger up on the north coast yesterday. but it weakened considerably. i'll have totals. here it is moving east and south. cloudy to mostly cloudy
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conditions. san francisco observer mike 1.19 santa rosa almost an inch of rain. crockett about an inch of rain as well. cazadero last check was 2.83. so around 3 inches there. napa almost an inch of rain. concord a half inch. you can see it's pushing off to the east. there is no doubt about it it's sliding by here in the next couple of hours. also toward oakland there is a few showers popping up into marin county. sunol grade south touched on that. you can see from livermore to pleasanton right there there has been decent rain. it's still working its way south. but the peninsula looks like things are also starting to wind down now into the santa cruz mountains. 50s to 60s. i mean it's really, really mild out there. system will continue to enhance a little cloud cover over us.
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even though the rain is ending it will be a mostly cloudy day. morning rain and drizzle. kind of mild. temperatures really, really on the warm side. this is a very warm system even for the mountains. we will have a break from the rain. looks like a pattern change. that means drier weather. there will be big-time valley fog. time now 6:11. reports that there are still dangerous toys out there on store shelves. a new warning about the possible hazards. microapartments are approved in san francisco. we'll tell you just how small those living spaces will be. plus an arsonist may be on the loose in vallejo. the latest fire that has the focus of arson investigators. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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fire investigators in va low hoe are trying to figure out if a suspicious fire is connected to a string of arsons in that city. the latest fire damaged a home on tennessee streets. firefighters responded to three fires within 12 hours. investigators say there are some similarities to other cases. president obama is back at the white house this morning following his whirlwind trip to southeast asia. i want to show you video of the president returning. he said the trip was successful in showing that asia is important to u.s.. especially as a trading partner. and the white house says the
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president's visits to myanmar and cambodia demonstrate how it can influence other countries. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is pushing congress and the obama administration to reach an agreement of tax increases and spending cuts in the so-called fiscal cliff. without a deal the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year and congress must act by january 1st in order to avoid that automatic tax increase and spending cuts. time is 6:15. a new stumbling block for hillary clinton's chances to reach a middle east cease fire. a bus explosion in tel aviv. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom. alison. >> reporter: dave, we received a statement from the white house within the past hour calling the attack on innocent civilians outrageous. israelis say it was a terrorist attack the bus bombing in tel aviv hurt at least 18 people.
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three seriously. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. secretary of state hillary clinton who is in egypt at this hour also issued a statement saying the u.s. strongly condemns the attack and ready to provide any assistance that israel requires. secretary clinton is is calling for a truth and longer term agreement. >> the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional -- >> reporter: prior to the bus bombing there were high hopes for a cease fire after seven days of violence but now the attack is clearly a set back to efforts to deescalate the violence. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. in the middle of all that crisis in the middle east a 13- year-old israeli boy is being praised for his new invention. coming up at 6:27t how his new
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-- 6:24 how his new app may save lives. time is 6:17. back here at home uc berkeley out thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment after the latest burglary on campus. police say thieves broke into a locked video lab in north gate hall sunday night. they stole ten apple computers worth about $23,000. the computers were also stolen from three other buildings earlier this summer but some of that equipment was later recovered. fun size apartments could be popping up in the coming months. allow the building of 375 micro units. some just 220 square feet. it will help with the city housing crisis opponents believe the microapartments will lead to increased rent prices throughout the city. before you head out to shop black friday deals you may want to check out a recent report that lists the most hazardous
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toys. the research group released its 27th annual trouble in toy land list. it names the toys that are hazardous to children out of the 200 toys it surveyed they found more than a dozen toys that have potential health risks. well we've posted the complete list of the toys at just look for the web link section under today's hot topic. time now 6:18. if you have any place to go remember it is rainy, wet, and dangerous driving. sal, you will be busy all day. >> we have a lot of slow traffic everywhere dave and claudine. we are starting off this time with the east shore freeway and people are slowing down. we also have had a lot of just solo spinouts where people lose control of the car. just give yourself extra time as steve mentioned we will get a little bit of a break or the system is moving out. and that is great for drivers.
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westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza there is a little bit of a delay. the metering lights are not on yet. a little bit of a backup. if you are moving to the south bay southbound 101 near oakland roads there is a crash but northbound 101 is slow on the approach to the airport. if you're trying to get to san jose airport i would suggest using interstate 880. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. it does look like our system moving through. judy down in santa clara i love waking up to the sound of rain. last night same thing. rain pounding on the skylight. oakland inch and a half. richmond inch and a third. there was decent amounts. definitely almost ending on this rain though you can see a
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little bit toward mill valley, tiburon it looks like it's about done. there is not much left of this system to the north. there is a little bit out to the east bay but on the back edge for morin da. oregon into the san -- otherwise into the santa clara valley. still clouds enhancing over us. even though the rain is winding down, we will have a cloudy day. very mild. temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 right now. they will end up being in the 60s. this is not a cold system. snow level is very, very high in the mountain. it has been raining. fog will be the biggest issue. there went be any rain as we go into the holiday weekend. that valley fog could be really, really good bad. the labor department is reporting jobless numbers this morning. first time claims for
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unemployment insurance fell by 41,000. the number remains higher than normally expected and that is because of super storm sandy. 410,000 americans filed for jobless benefits last week. economists expected the number to be higher. they say the fallout from the super storm will continue to distort those numbers for possibly several more weeks. now there are reports of two separate government investigations of accounting problems at hewlett packard british software unit. they discovered an accounting irregularities when they were doing reporting yesterday. hp is not commenting on reports that the fbi are looking into the issue. three robbery suspects arrested in the east bay thanks to high-tech help. how the stolen items led police right to the suspects. and shattering a college basketball record. how many points one player
6:23 am
scored in a game. plus the other achievements that really stunned the pros.
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tracking software on cell phones helped oakland police arrest three suspects in connection with two armed
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robberies. the suspects demanded a woman's cell phone at gunpoint monday night on webster street and then robbed a different woman a few minutes later on shafter avenue. tracking software led them to 13th avenue where they arrested the suspects and recovered those phones. as violence rages on in the middle east citizens in israel are turning to a new app that warns them about attacks. it was developed by a 13-year- old boy. the app alerts people when there is an incoming attack and tells you where the nearest shelter is. so far 130,000 people have down loaded it. last night a point guard for grinnell college in iowa scored 138 points. jack taylor led his division three team over interstate rival faith baptist bible college 179-104. the old record was 113 points
6:27 am
but pro basketball players were stunned by the 108 shots taylor took. new york knick star called it a video game. another knick player joked that taylor's elbow must be sore. congratulations for that well earned record. 6:26. let's head out to sal castaneda. it has been a busy morning on the roads. >> it has been claudine. that is right. we've had a lot of slow traffic in areas you wouldn't expect it. 280 northbound the traffic looks good. looks like some of the wet weather is moving through there. steve has told us that this system is moving through so that is good news for drivers. when it does move through things will improve. moving along to the sunol grade you can see chp there doing a round robin. that is what they do to slow traffic. evidently they want to get something out of the lane. if you are driving on 680 it hasn't been good and now it will be slower as chp continues to do that round robin there. let's go to steve. the front is pushing
6:28 am
through. there is still a misty light rain that will continue. kind of picking up a little bit. spotty marin county also in san francisco along san mateo coast. you can see the heavier rain looks to be off toward the east and south. a very, very mild system. temperatures in the 60s. we'll take a closer look at that rain in ten minutes. your time is 6:27. and we are tracking the thanksgiving travel rush. we are live at sfo this morning and we will tell you how the weather could effect your travel plans on the road and in the air. deadly fall off a cliff in oakland. one man dies. we'll tell you what authorities say he was doing just before he slipped and fell.
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all right. the opening bell ringing on wall street this morning. check out the left side of your
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screen. the macy's thanksgiving day parade being honored today and there is santa helping ring in the opening bell in new york city. we are getting weekly u.s. unemployment benefit numbers this morning because the markets are closed this morning. they did fall to 410,000. the numbers distorted because of super storm sandy that is expected to happen for awhile. futures are flat this morning. we'll keep an eye on things for you. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. it is wednesday november 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. your time is 6:30. >> in the news for you right now. if you are heading out give yourself extra time. the roads are wet. driving is dangerous. this is what what happened overnight in oakland. a driver lost control because of the rain. luckily no one was hurt here. the rain also causing a lot of flooding all over the bay area. this is what it was like at the
6:32 am
broadway off ramp in oakland just hours ago. the chp says about five inches of water built up there and it's a real concern for drivers everywhere. happening now is one of the busiest travel days of the year. we want to give you a live look at sfo. there is curb side as people pull up to drop their loved ones off. many travel everies are starting to show -- travelers are starting to show up for their flights. if you're getting ready head out the door, big delays are possible. this is what sfo looked like at 2:30 this morning when passengers arrived at san francisco international after a seven hour delay. you can imagine they were happy. last night about 81 flights were canceled when the airport shut down one of the runways because of the weather. >> i got a text from the airline and it was weird. because i was just like this is not happening. this just doesn't happen to flights that i'm ever on. >> we did check and at last check there were only a minor
6:33 am
delays. if you do have a flight today check the status before heading on out to the airport. we're also keeping an eye on the thanksgiving rush at mineta. janine de la vega is live there. you have been there since 4:30 this morning. any idea how many travelers expected there today? >> reporter: just thousands and thousands really. traffic is really picking up here in the last half hour we moved from terminal a to here to terminal b. this is the terminal that serves southwest. it definitely seems busier here. we have seen a steady stream of cars driving in to drop off passengers. inside the terminal the lines are not too long at the check in. the airport is encouraging people to check in online or home to avoid any wait at all. security screening lines are also moving smoothly at this hour. there are some recent changes the tsa has made. children 12 and under and people 75 and older do not have to take their shoes off.
6:34 am
seniors can also keep on light here were pleased to see traffic was light. >> we thought it would be a lot more crowded so we don't usually come so early but we came two hours early. it's been great and there was parking in the parking lot. it was great. a lot lighter than we thought so far. >> reporter: airport officials expect passenger activity to increase by 2% compared to the same holiday period last year. the economy lot is expected to fill up quickly. it costs $15 a day. so airport officials say that travelers can park in daily lots four and six for a discounted rate of $18 daily. back out here live you can see the roads are wet so be careful when you are driving in. again always come here two hours before your flight. we just checked all the departures and everything is running on time. there is just one american airlines flight that is running
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a half hour late so very minor. things running smoothly. very good here. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. >> for continuing storm and travel coverage for you, just down load the ktvu app right on your smart phone or your ipad. you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your smart phone so be connected any time, anywhere. things at the oakland airport should be back to normal after workers with the port of oakland went on strike yesterday. coming up the newest developments and talks between union workers and the company and what it could mean for the port of oakland today. update to a story we first brought you last night on the 10:00 news. just a few hours ago divers recovered the body of a man that slipped and fell to his death. ktvu alex savidge is near the person's home where the victim fell into a water filled quarry. alex. >> reporter: this was close to a 100-foot fall. firefighters say this man tumbled off a steep cliff that
6:36 am
is right behind his house. we will show you where this took place. he fell off of this cliff and down into the water filled rock quarry. his body was recovered early this morning and believed he drowned. the man at the time was looking for his lost cat when he apparently lost his footing and all likelihood because of the rain last night. the man's friend reported him missing around 7:00 last night and the oakland fire department launched an all out search for him. rescuers had a boat in the water. and there was one repelling down the side of the cliff at one point. eventually the alameda county sheriffs dive team came in and began an under water search and just before 1:00 this morning divers did find the man's body at the bolt to -- bottom of this old quarry. the fire department says the wet weather last night seems to have played a role in this accident. >> it's raining and wet back there. this person may have gob back and looked for the cat miss times but today because of the
6:37 am
weather they lost their footing and fell in the water. >> reporter: so far authorities haven't identified the man who drowned here last night. the fire department only says he's in his late 50s or early 60s. firefighters say they also did find a cat up on the hillside above the quarry last night. they believe it does belong to the man who lost his life here last night. we are live this morning in oakland alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is you have 36. san francisco deputy sheriff still on the job after pleading not guilty to misdemeanor charges that stemmed from an out of control argument. according to the san francisco chronicle it happened last month when deputy green was off duty. green got into an argument with her sister's neighbor over work he had been hired to do for her sister. green has pled not guilty to charges of brandishes a weapon, felony conspiracy, and making criminal threats. deputies attorney says she was
6:38 am
only trying to calm things down according to department policy she is on administrative duty. police in oakland searching for a man in connection with a rape of a young girl in broad daylight. police say they found the young victim standing on the corner of international boulevard yesterday afternoon wear only her underwear. the victim is believed to be as young as 17 years old. she said she was raped in a car. police have not given us a description yet of the suspect. but say he may be driving a light blue older model cadillac. your time is 6:37. let's head back out to sal. take a look at how the roads are fairing on this wednesday. hey sal. >> we have a big problem on 680. found out there are nails and crews on the freeway southbound 680 on the sunol grade.
6:39 am
>> toll plaza that is backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. it's a little better than normal. and in san jose we've had slow traffic on northbound 101 because of a crash southbound 101 near oakland road is backed up from before 280 let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. a wet morning. no doubt a warm system as well. not done yet. the front is pushing east and south. the heavier rain looks like it's winding down. still a light misty drizzle. san jose reporting light rain. rain spread south. there are really heavy rain last night. we'll have totals for you if a second. kind of turning showery. we'll focus our attention
6:40 am
tonight on the valley fog or tooly fog. oakland hills 1.52. richmond inch and a third. there was heavy duty amounts out toward the russian river and crockett .90. half of that came last night about 10:00 when that front began to came through. there was really intense rain rates. napa almost a half inch of rain. and sfo four tenths of an inch of rain. systems there. look at the little guys showers popping up. san mateo coast also hear from cassie rain is picking up. you can see some of that. back over toward skyline on the peninsula. we're not done yet. it's getting more kind of hit and miss shower activity toward the east bay and santa clara valley. and in the santa cruz mountains a little heavier there. it is pushing east and south and weakening. still a lot of cloud cover over us today. temperatures not cold at all.
6:41 am
morning rain, clouds, kind of windy toward santa cruz mountains. partial clearing not a lot. it looks like a gray day here. 60s on the temps. rain will continue misty drizzly into the morning hours and let up a little bit. fog will be the big issue with your weekend always in view you don't have to worry about rain. that fog in the valley could be very, very thick. some victims of hurricane sandy are getting help from people who are familiar with their struggle. survivors or of hurricane katrina. a group of students and teachers traveled to mississippi to help clean up debris. they will be spending the entire week there including the thanksgiving holiday. the volunteers say lots of people came and helped them after hurricane katrina hit their community and they just want to return the favor. time now 6:41. if you do your holiday shopping online, you are being warned this morning. why the police say be very careful about how your packages are delivered. we're live in san francisco where arson investigators are
6:42 am
having three burned out cars towed away to inspect them to figure out if somebody deliberately set them on fire. good morning. it's very slow and tough driving out there. we've had a a lot of accidents and a lot of single car crashes. we'll tell you where the traffic trouble spots are when we come back with the morning news.
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most of rain is winding down. there is still light rain around. little hit and miss showers around marin county and san mateo coast. but kind of cloudy, misty, rainy in the morning. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:44. a lot of travel everies arriving at sfo for one of the busiest travel days of the year. but the weather could delay flights. last night 81 flights were canceled. some of the flights were delayed as much as seven hours because of our rain. the violence in the middle east is continuing this morning. a bus explosion in tel aviv israel injured ten people. israel is still lunching air strikes on gaza. hillary clinton has arrived in egypt. she will meet with egypt's
6:46 am
president hoping to negotiate a cease fire. around 1:00 this morning rescue teams in oakland recovered the body of a man who fell down a steep cliff into a water filled quarry near his home. reportedly he was searching for his missing cat in the dark at the time he fell down that cliff. investigators think the bad weather was a factor in his death. developing news in san francisco arson crews are investigating the cause of a fire this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty joins us live from the bay view district with more. tara. >> reporter: these burned out cars are being towed away. one of them is in the middle of the street and they are getting ready to take it to a yard. if we pan over to the right you can see under the carport there is a couple more cars in there. when firefighters arrived they saw smoke rolling out of this carport. they were able to extinguish the fire quickly. the flames never got too bad or spread to nearby houses. neighbor called 911 just before 5:00 this morning.
6:47 am
crews responded to a home off of thomas and ingalls street. >> one of the neighbors who woke me up and i saw the flames still shaking. >> reporter: it was scary? >> it was scary. >> reporter: now as we mentioned, arson will now exam -- examine those cars. >> look at the source where the concentration of the burn is. from there they will go. they have that train eye to be able to look for the specifics of the origin of the fire. >> reporter: now luckily no one was hurt in the fire but again arson investigators will take a closer look to figure out exactly what sparked it. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. fremont police are warning online shoppers this holiday season about a rise in mail and package theft. take a look at this
6:48 am
surveillance video from trevor's front porch last saturday morning. but then about 20 minutes ago here comes a woman up on the porch and snatches it up. they also took a bag there which is apparently filled with items that were left for charity. >> i do hope they catch the folks that did this. because you know, usually it's not just one theft. it's a string of thefts where they are following around picking up. >> if you do buy online or send a package to panelly member consider requiring a signature on all deliveriesing. a very busy day expected at oakland international airport. workers are making up for lost time after yesterday's strike. some video from yesterday's picket line. airport food and beverage workers joined the port striking clerical workers and janitors. at the port, striking workers blocked trucks from making any
6:49 am
deliveries. yesterday was one of the busiest days before thanksgiving but there is good news after months of dead lock between the port and their unions talks are resuming. which means the port will be back open for business today. but long lines are expected as those trucks come back to make their deliveries. he's the new golden boy of the san francisco 49ers after a stellar performance on monday night many fans want collin to start. coming up in 12 minutes how he is is dealing with all the extra attention and his thoughts on whether he should start ahead of alex smith. how would you like a buster posey bobble head or sergio romo gnome? the san francisco giants hope fans will shop for tickets on black friday. those single game tickets go online and at giant dugout stores. some games could cost you as little as $8 a seat. other giants giveaways include
6:50 am
next years worlds series or other giveaways i should say for next year include world series themed caps and beach towels. time now 6:49. sal's head is bobbing trying to track all the traffic problems. >> absolutely. we've had a lot to go on. we have a lot of slow traffic. i want to go first to the live picture we have of san jose northbound and downtown san jose. you can see traffic sloe traffic there. just got word as we were talk of a brand new collision two vehicles off the road. one hit a tree northbound 280 at highway 17. that one just came in. they don't know much about it. as a matter of fact, the chp isn't even there yet. watch for slow traffic here. car hit a tree nearby. also moving along to the maps southbound 880 slow traffic. hayward, union city, heading down to fremont continues to be slow across the peninsula not all that bad.
6:51 am
highway 101 if you are driving from eg to pacifica it will be a little slow for you. and the morning commute is going to be slow west 80 you can see on the shoulder there is a crash here at gill man. it is on the shoulder but traffic is slowing past the scene as you drive from el cerrito to berkeley. cloudy, mostly cloudy, light rain. drizzly. my good friend john said paulson coming down here pretty good. we will show you that here in a second. the system is moving through. more toward the south bay and santa cruz mountains. after that it's hit and miss. a very warm system. it's been in the 40s. and raining at last check. rain all night. 40s something. oakland hills an inch and a half. san francisco almost an inch and quarter. santa rosa inch and a quarter.
6:52 am
cazadero 2.83. broody sanders out by clayton not too bad. the system arrived late there. you can see starting to end out toward the east bay. really getting interstate 80 vacaville still light rain. again from parts of marin county to the city but this is really hit and miss. san mateo, belmont, also toward menlo park lighter rain. and then toward san jose yes things have picked up a little bit. even in the santa cruz mountains. there is a lot of holes in this system. it is pushing toward santa clara valley. a lot of cloud cover though. even with the rain ending or turning misty and drizzly it will be a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. it's really mild. 60s almost currently on the low temperatures. highs will be in the 60s any sun and you will notice the humidity factor is through the roof. which means if we don't get a breeze there will be big-time tooly fog and valley fog. time now 6:52.
6:53 am
angry nudist hard to miss yet in san francisco city hall. >> body beautiful. >> they had a message for the board of supervisors and some of them took off their clothes to deliver that message. and it's a big day for two turkeys in washington, d.c.. there is a new twist to the white house turkey pardon this year. at tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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[ humming ] [ babbng ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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all right there is a look at the big board. dow is up 32 points. we are expecting numbers on consumer sentiment really coming out. we've already gotten unemployment numbers this morning. a day early because the markets are closed tomorrow. those numbers fell. keep in mind those numbers believed to be elevated by super storm sandy. san francisco took another step toward telling nudist keep your clothes on. >> shame on you. shame on you. god bless. god bless. >> yesterday the board of supervisors meeting angry nudist stripped off their clothes only to be covered up quickly. the board voted 6-5 to approve a ban on public nudity in places like city streets, sidewalks, and on plazas. >> i think that the people who are afraid of nudity should reconsider their position. there is nothing wrong with being nude.
6:57 am
we were all born nude. >> we're in the castro seven days a week with people taking their clothes off at castro and market. and it's gotten over the top. and it's time to do something about it. >> that measure still needs a second vote by the board and the mayor's approval but if everything goes as expected, this ordnance could take effect february 1st violators could be fined. president obama will take part in the an rule white house thanksgiving turkey pardon today but with a twist. you are looking at new video of cobbler and gobbler. they spent the night at the upscale hotel in washington, d.c.. for the first time the american public got a chance to choose which bird will be the official national turkey via facebook. and we just checked it does look indeed like cobbler the gobbler. cobbler got 2,392 likes to
6:58 am
gobbler 2,091 likes. but both birds kind of win. let's quickly check on our rainy commute, sal. what do you see out there. >> the commute is somewhat unappetizing. we've had rain and that is making it tough. today at the bay bridge it's lighter than usual which is a good break for us. it is doing very well if you have to get into the city at the very least you have some good traffic to do so. a lot of fender benders around the peninsula and on the east bay especially a lot of there is latest one southbound 880 near 84. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very warm system. temperatures near 60 degrees. heavier rain is to the south. things are winding down. we are not completely done yet. we'll take a closer look at this holiday forecast. you're time now is 6:58. coming up an overnight tragedy at an east bay quarry how a lost scat played a role.
6:59 am
team coverage of this holiday getaway. what you need to know before you head to the airport. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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